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 AC Drive (VFD) Panels



NBH Manufactures AC Drive Panelsfor Single & Multi Drive application with Full Synchronization Mode which Sves Energy,provides high performance & eatures which includes DC injection raking,Volts/Frequency control to Vector control fully adjustable,Efficency 96 to 98%,Displacement Power Factor .98 for application like:Hoists,cranes,pumps,ID Fans,conveyors,Textile,Pipe Plants,Elevators,Coiler,Winders & many more applications requiring precise control of speed.

NBH offers AC Drive (VFD) panels upto 1000HP for single & multi drive applications with full synchronization mode which saves energy, provides high performance & feature which includes DC injection braking, volt frequency control to vector control fully adjustable, Efficiency 96 to 98 % , Displacment power factor 0.98 for applications like:

  • Hoists
  • Cranes
  • Pumps & ID Fans
  • Conveyors
  • Textile Mills
  • Pipe Plants
  • Elevators
  • Coilers
  • Winders & many more applications requiring precise control of speed

    Performance Features :

  • Adjustable S-Curves For acceleration & Deceleration.
  • DC injection braking: at start  or stop.
  • Power Loss ride through for protection against momentary power loss/under voltage.
  • Volts/Frequency ratio:fully adjustable.;       
  • Drive efficiency :96 to 98 %.
  • Displacement power factor: 0.98.p;  
  • O/P freq: 1.0 to 400 HZ.
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Customer Interlock Loops
    Protective Features:

  • Harmonic Filter Reactors
  • Semiconductor Fuses(Optional)
  • Heat sink over-heat to give over load protection to Invertor.
  • Current-Limiting DC bus fuse to protect Invertor.
  • Motor Overload protection.
  • Phase-To-Phase, Ground fault And short circuit protection.
  • Over/Under torque protection.
  • Short circuit withstanding rating: 65kA RMS.
  • I/P-O/P single phasing protection.
  • Optically-isolated controls: to completely isolate control circuit from power circuit


    User Friendly Features:

  • Digital keypad operator can be mounted on Panel Door
  • Copy keypad function.
  • 24 VDC control logic for sourcing outputs ( both PNP Or NPN transistors.
  • RJ-45 style digital operator connector.
  • Multi Turn Speed Pot for precise speed control
  • Digital display for load parameters
  • Multi speed settings plus jog speed
  • Flash Ram Software memory for update
  • Split front cover for easy wiring
  • Heat sink fan: plug in with on-off control


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